for the springs of his gilt glasses. Mr. Barnstaple restarted his engine and drove slo. wly to meet them. As soon as he judged himself within hearing distance he stopped and put his head over the side of the Yellow Peril with a question. At the same moment the tall, grey headed gentleman asked practically the same question Can you tell me at all, sir, where we are Section 2 Five minutes ago, said Mr. Barnstaple, I should have said we were on the Maidenhead Road. Near Slough. Exactly said the tall gentleman in earnest, argumentati. ve tones. Exactly And I maintain that there is not the slightest reason for suppo. sing that we are not still on the Maidenhead Road. The challenge of the dialectician rang in his voice. It doesn t look like the Maidenhead CRISC Certification it exam Road, said Mr. Barnstaple. Agreed But are we to judge by appearances or are we to judge by the direct continuity of our experience The Maidenhead Road led to this, was in Isaca Certification continuity with this, and therefore I hold that this is the Maidenhead CRISC Certification Road. Those mountains considered Mr. Barnstaple

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